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Free Consultation – Reality Changer

Have you ever wondered why you do not have life you wanted ?

Are you sick and tired of endless studying self development , reading self help books without getting results ?

Maybe you are successful in your job , your carreer but you cannot create meaningful relationships ?

Maybe you enjoy having strong and healthy body but you always have problems with money ?

Even if you are successful in some areas of life, you may feel that something is missing.

Does it feel like there is invisible wall or black cloud around you, which does not allow you to achieve your full potential and enjoy your life ?

Do not worry, you have found the right person.

I am over 40 years old and I dealt with most of the problems you are struggling now.

Coming from poor, dysfunctional family, having a lot of health problems, relationship problems, having no friends…

Dropped out of university despite most teachers saying I was “gifted”…

Being very smart (IQ in 117 -125 range by few different tests) and hardworking , but rarely getting promoted in most of the jobs…

Running several businesses but rarely made real money despite having good business ideas and strong marketing background …

I took me long time to climb out of that hole…

I studied self development over 20 years.

I observed real life human behaviours , studied philosophy, spirituality , tried meditations , social dynamics , even buddism and taoism.

I read hundreds (literally hundreds !) of self help books , but achieved very limited results.

I have looked for answers studying biographies of famous people to build complete procedures of achieving success.

Nothing seemed to work as I expected…

Then I have met someone very special

I have met the mentor who has the knowledge from another dimension and learned from him how to change my reality for better and understand why I was not achieving my goals

You do not need to repeat the process of reading books and years of studying

You can get ready to use, distilled knowledge.

You will learn how to get rid of toxic, harmful beliefs , which are holding you back in social and business situations .

You will learn how achieve your personal and financial goals.

You will learn how to have healthy body and how to integrate your body with your mind and soul.

You will learn how to have better business ideas.

You will learn how to skyrocket your confidence.

You will pay affordable fee adjusted to your earnings and reward me after you will see significant results

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We will use encrypted channels of communication to protect your privacy

Disclaimer – I do not provide medical, psychological or psychiatrical advice. If you have serious health or mental health problems, please consult certified specialist
Results of Reality Changer Coaching may vary from person to person and progress may be non-linear